$50 Off Promo iio Newsletter Terms and Conditions

  • Offer ends Dec 31st, 2022
  • $50 promo code may be combined with any other offer and used on multiple products including new products not available at the start of this promotion
  • Our shipping policy applies to all orders including discounted orders. Please see Shipping and Return Policy for full details about your shipment
  • Returns are subject to our Shipping and Returns Policy
  • Offer is subject to our Terms Of Service
  • Offer is subject to change at any time without notice
  • Subscriber must make a purchase to qualify for a rebate
  • Promo Code is only applicable at the iio Store
  • Only the following products are available with the Promo Code purchase: RR1, RM1, VR1, FF1, Wine Cooler Series    
  • The promo code can be used by multiple friends for purchasing iio refrigerators that are part of this promotion
  • Each friend that uses your promo code for a purchase will qualify you for an additional $25 rebate
  • Rebate will be applied 30 days from the date of the friends shipment
  • Rebate requires a purchase by the original promo code recipient
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